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The 2014 General Members Meeting (GMM) is scheduled for November 27th at 7:00pm and will be at The Flying Beaver Pubaret.  Here's what you can expect at the GMM:

  • a review of the 2014 season
  • a review of the data from the survey
  • a facilitated discussion
  • nominations and elections for the 2015 Collective


If you would like to nominate yourself for one of the Collective roles, please read the descriptions and duties for each:

President (Executive)

Description:  The President plans, organizes, directs and evaluates membership in the league.  In conjunction with the Collective, the President formulates policies which establish the direction taken by the organization.

Main Duties

  • Manages a Collective of up to ten members
  • Establishes objectives for the league
  • Formulates and/or approves policies
  • Approves all tasks performed
  • Coordinates the work among Collective members
  • Sets and oversees timelines and deadlines for the season
  • Calls and chairs meetings, and creates agendas
  • Coordinates the sorting of teams in conjunction with the Collective
  • Supports Collective members in their tasks
  • Acts as signing agent and as representative of the league


Vice-President (Executive)

Description:  In conjunction with the President, the Vice-President aids in the planning, organizing, directing and evaluation of the membership of the league.

Main Duties

  • Oversees members of the Collective
  • Completes and submits application for Diamond/Field permits
  • Creates regular season and playoff season schedules with equipment distribution
  • Coordinates the purchase of team shirts
  • Acts as liaison between the league and sponsors
  • Coordinates the engraving of the trophy and plaques, and the purchase of medals
  • Coordinates the preparation of certificates in conjunction with the Secretary
  • Acts as signing agent


Treasurer (Executive)

Description:  The Treasurer prepares various financial reports and performs a variety of accounting tasks.

Main Duties

  • Prepares and coordinates the preparation of financial statements such as the budget and monthly income statements
  • Notifies and reports to the President concerning any trends that are critical to the organization’s financial position
  • Calculates and prepares payroll cheques for umpires
  • Manages the e-commerce account in conjunction with the Web Manager
  • Receives and records payments
  • Issues refunds as needed
  • Acts as signing agent


Secretary (Executive)

Description:  The Secretary performs a variety of administrative duties in support of the Collective.

Main Duties

  • Prepares and edits materials for team binders
  • Answers electronic enquiries
  • Maintains the manual filing system
  • Records and prepares minutes of meetings
  • Makes reservations for venues
  • Manages membership information, team rosters and the wait list
  • Maintains inventory of merchandise
  • Coordinates the preparation of certificates in conjunction with the Vice-President
  • Acts as signing agent if needed
  • May compile data, statistics and other information to support research activities


Umpire Coordinator/Equipment Manager

Description:  The Umpire Coordinator/Equipment Manager oversees the activities of the umpires outsourced by the league and the activities associated with the equipment.

Main Duties

  • Liaises with the President of the Ontario Umpire Association
  • Manages the umpiring schedule
  • Updates rules and regulations of the league
  • Monitors activities to ensure safety
  • Enforces safety rules and regulations
  • Provides emergency or first aid assistance when required
  • Oversees equipment distribution and transportation
  • Maintains, repairs or replaces equipment
  • Replenishes First Aid kits as needed


Team Representative Coordinator

Description:  The ‘Team Rep. Coordinator’ acts as liaison between the Collective and Team Representatives, and manages Team Representatives.

Main Duties

  • Organizes and conducts Team Rep. information meetings
  • Communicates league information to Team Reps.
  • Records weekly attendance for all members
  • Collects weekly scores and updates the website in conjunction with the Web Manager
  • Prepares team binders in conjunction with the Secretary
  • Supports Team Representatives in their tasks


 Team Mentor Coordinator

Description:  The Team Mentor Coordinator acts as liaison between the Collective and Team Mentors, and manages Team Mentors.

Main Duties

  • Organizes and conducts Team Mentor information meetings
  • Plans, organizes and coordinates an orientation for all members
  • Creates a skills clinics schedule
  • Facilitates skills clinics, and demonstrates and instructs softball techniques
  • Organizes and coordinates practices
  • Supports Team Mentors in their tasks


Event Planner/Fundraiser

Description:  The Event Planner/Fundraiser plans, organizes and coordinates the events of the season, and develops appropriate fundraising plans and publicizes events on behalf of the league.

Main Duties

  • Provides entertainment and social gatherings for members
  • Meets with sponsors and/or venue contacts to plan scope and format of events
  • Coordinates services for events such as catering, signage, displays, special needs requirement, audio-video equipment and printing
  • Organizes registration if needed
  • Prepares promotional materials in conjunction with the Advertising/Marketing Manager, and publicizes events
  • Approves invoices and maintains financial records in conjunction with the Treasurer
  • Develops and organizes events for fundraising purposes


Advertising/Marketing Manager

Description:  The Advertising/Marketing Manager develops and implements communication and information programs, develops appropriate advertising and marketing plans, and publicizes activities and events on behalf of the league.

Main Duties

  • Advises on the advertising strategies of the league
  • Develops and implements advertising ‘campaigns’
  • Prepares communication materials designed to inform members
  • Prepares and oversees preparation of presentations
  • Coordinates special promotions
  • Prepares promotional materials in conjunction with the Event Planner/Fundraiser
  • Maintains the NASL Facebook group and the NASL Twitter account in conjunction with the Web Manager
  • Initiates market research


 Web Manager

Description:  The Web Manager designs, develops and manages the league’s website.

Main Duties

  • Develops the architecture of the website
  • Sources, selects and organizes information for inclusion on the appearance, flow and layout of the website
  • Creates and optimizes contents for the website using a variety of graphics
  • Develops the graphic elements for team shirts
  • Updates weekly team schedules, scores and standings on the website
  • Manages online registration and ticket sales
  • Maintains the NASL Facebook group and the NASL Twitter account in conjunction with the Advertising/Marketing Manager
  • Manages the e-commerce website in conjunction with the Treasurer



But, don't worry.  There is a wait list!  Please register to be placed on the wait list.  In the event that a current player forfeits or removes themselves from the league, the first person on the wait list will be contacted and asked to take their place.

Only after your first scheduled game, you may request a refund if you decide that the league is not a fit for you.  Refunds must be directed to and must be made within 48hrs of the end of your first game. Only then, will you be refunded a portion of your registration fee.
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