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Here is your 2018 Notso Amazon collective, elected during the 2017 GGM.

Collective Role Descriptions 2017-2018 - Google Docs.pdf 

2017 NotsoAmazon Survey - Google Docs.pdf 

Notso bylaw updates 2017.pdf  - ADOPTED

Alex W.

In Alex's first year her team "The cutoffs" won the season and in 2017 she was award the Cher Horslin Award. With over 10 years of experience in restaurant managing, Alex is excited to work hard in 2018 to give something back to a league that has inspired her from day one. 

Veronica M.
Vice President

This is Veronica's fourth year in Notso and first year on the collective. She's excited to build on the success of the previous collectives and find new and innovative ways to improve the Notso experience. She loves the Toronto Blue Jays with her whole heart, and is extremely good at trivia.

Megan C.

This is Megan's second year in the league, and first year on the collective. As a Financial Services Advisor in her time off the field, Megan is excited to help promote the spirit of the league and assist in making informed financial decisions as Notso's Treasurer. Megan is looking forward to working with the 2018 Nosto Collective, and can't wait to get back on the field! 

Jamie L.

Equipment Manager

I started playing with NOTSO two seasons ago...this will be my third. I was nervous to join the league in my first year as I did not know anyone and I had not played since I was a kid. However the nerves quickly faded as I had an unbelievable team rep and mentor along with great teammates. I feel fortunate to help out a very talented collective. Can' wait for the 2018 season!

Lex K.
Equity & Outreach Coordinator

This is Lex's third year in the league and their second year on the collective. They're thrilled to contribute their facilitation and advocacy experience to the Notsos, and looks forward to increasing our commitment and accountability to all intersections of our community. And they can't wait to get back on the field!

Jennifer Aja F.
Equity & Outreach Coordinator

This is Aja's second year in the league, and first year on the collective. Aja enjoys the community and camaraderie that comes out of the softball league, and looks forwarding to supporting change in making the league more inclusive.

Laura C.

Team Coordinator

2018 will be Laura's second year in the league and first year on the collective.
She is looking forward to working with the collective and spreading her newly found love of softball!

Shelby C.

Team Coordinator

Watched "A League of Their Own" at a very impressionable age, which probably explains a lot about my life. Lover of most sports, or maybe just loves yelling at the tv. It's my second year in the Notso league and first year in the collective. Hope to help anyway I can!

Lauren H.
Web / Communications / Social Media

After just one season, Lauren realized the Notso Amazon league would be so much more than a softball meet-up. Within the league she found an incredible group of people who soon became her favourite part of the week. Three seasons in, she's gone from first time player, to team rep and is now trying her hand at being a collective member - in an attempt to give something back to the league and players that means so much to her.

Nicole H.

Event Planner

This is Nicole's second year in the league and first year on the collective. She's been playing ball since she was tall enough to play Tball. She is a part time world traveller, full time over analyzer and professional event organizer who also enjoys running half marathons in her down time. She has no idea what she has gotten herself into but is looking forward to seeing everyone on the field and at Notso events

Chana S.
Umpire Coordinator

Chana joined NASL on a whim in 2017 without having swung a baseball bat before and ended the season, well having swung more than a few - and even hit the ball! It became clear very quickly that the league is about a lot more than the sport. The community was very welcoming and absolutely worth waking up for on Sunday morning. Chana is serving as the Umpire Coordinator on the collective this year and looks forward to another great year.

Graphic Designer
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