Our members have come up with some great names over the past 33 seasons! 

2023 Season
Basic Pitches (Championship Winners)
Bat & Bougie
Bat to the Bone
Cleats of Fire
I Will Always Glove You
Lightning Strikers
Pitch Perfect
Rally Cats
Riverdale Sliders
Rocky Horror Pitcher Show
Some Like It Caught
Switch Hitters
Take Meowt to the Ball Game
The Pitch Squeaks
2022 Season

Broke Bat Mountain
Catching Feels
Disgruntled Pelicans
Fur Balls
Live Laugh Glove
No Base Like Home
Pancake Batters (Championship Winners)
Steal Magnolias
The Dame Judi Benchwarmers
The Double Doubles
The Runaways
The Toronto Blue Theys

2019 Season
Diamond Dingers (Championship Winners)
The Umpire Strikes Back (2nd Place Finalist)
We've Got The Runs (3rd Place Finalist)
Bat, I'm a Cheerleader (4th Place Finalist)
The Crankies (Consolation Winners)
The Rainbow Rumble Ponies
Base Jam
Skydome Forever
Crushed It
Bat Reputation
The Soft Serve
The Startled Koala's
2018 Season
Let's Get a Cat (Championship Winners)
The Big Green (2nd Place Finalist)
Smokin' Bases (3rd Place Finalist)
Base Invaders (Consolation Winners)
Pancake Batters
Base Desires
Base In That Walk
Stroman Troopers
The Clapbacks
Trash Pandas
Double Danger
Bat to the Future

2017 Season

Wild Thangs (Champs)
$ilver Baller$ (Finalist)
Game of Throws (3rd Place)
Pitch Please (3rd Place)
Thelma & the Louisville Sluggers (Consolation winners)
The Other Team
Bat Trick
Mad Batters
Bat Attitude
Rebel Bases
Purple Drag-ons
The U-Haulers

2016 Season

The Cut Offs (Champs)
Backdoor Sliders (Finalist)
Cherry Bombers (3rd)
Baby Got Bat
The 6ix
The Master Basers
The Bat Flip
The Love Gloves
The Outfielders
The Pink Sox
Playing The Field

2015 Season

The Heart-Ons (Champs)
The Ponytail Express (Finalist)
The Wrecking Balls (Consolation Winners)
The Hit Squad
The Bat Pack
All About Her Base

2014 Season

Eat Play Glove
Lickity Splits
Sweet Spot
Thunder Bunnies
Grass Munchers
Eat My Dugout
Beaver Bandits

2013 Season

Ball Busters (Champions)
Debbie Down-Hers
Headfirst into 3rd
The Line Drivers
Montreal Sexpos
The Other Team
Hit the Sweet Spot
Slide Right In
The Yankmees
3rd Base on the 1st Date
Quivering Lips

2012 Season

Batter's Boxes
I'd Hit That
Out to Munch
Put Outers
League of Extraordinary Lovers
BTriple Threat
Taco Kickers
Pitch Slapped
Snatch Smackers
Hit It & Quit It
Muff 'n Stuffers

2011 Season

Leave it to the Beavers
The BooBeez
No Balls All Bunt
Notso Straight
Five Finger Fastballs
Bad New Beavers
Tittsburgh Feelers
Finger Bangers
Home Run Homos
Toronto Blue Gays
Beaver Fever

2010 Season

The Runaways
Mitts Off the Merkin
That's What She Said
The Scissor Sisters
Venus Envy
No Glove No Love
Dirt Divas
Juicy Fruits
The BushWhackers
Jills In The Box
Where's My Pitches At?
Lady Gay Gays

2009 Season

Klit'n Miss (Champions)
Stealing Homos (Finalists)
Foreplay (Consolation Winners)
Bunting Beavers
Run Bitch Run
Playing the Field
Muffs in the Rough
Clam Slammers
Mounds of Beaver
You Catcher You Fielder
Clits in Cleats
Sloppi 2nds

2008 Season

Simply the Breast (Champions)
Multiple Scoregasms (Finalists)
Lesonya (Consolation Winners)
Majora Leaguers
Sweet Spot
C.U. Next TuesdayS
Diamond Dirties
High Five to Stella
Master Batters
Thunder Down Under

2007 Season

Daisy Killers (Champions)
We *Hart* Scoring (Finalists)
The Va Jay Jay's (Consolation Winners)
Sweet Cleats
Slap My Ass & Call Me Sally
My Base or Yours
Fast & Furious
Snatch n'Catch
Don't Hate the Playahs
Victorious Secret

2006 Season

The O'Varies (Champions)
Batter's Box (Finalists)
Wild Pitches (Consolation Winners)
Charge the Mound
Notso Idle
Better Late Than Never
Lesbo Sox

2005 Season

L-Rated (Champions)
Little Poke (Finalists)
Snatch n'Grab (Consolation Tie)
Bad News Babes (Consolation Tie)
Lickity Spitz
Scarted Hitless
Muddy Marys
Homo Runners

2004 Season

Diamond Devils (Champions)
Bat Asses (Finalists)
Chicks with Wood (Consolation Winners)

2003 Season

Bat Girlz (Champions)
ThunderBunts (Finalists)
Babes (Consolation Winners)

1984 - 2002 Champions

2002 ?
2001 Easy Catch
2000 Our drinking team has a baseball problem
1999 My Base or Yours?
1998 Bunt Cakes
1997 Hale Boppers

1996 Anti-Social Butterflies
1995 The Red Team
1994 Catcher? Don't Even Know Her
1993 No Balls Please
1992 Ruthless Babes
1991 Phantoms
1990 Flying Tag'ers
1989 Catch This
1988 Tammy and Whinettes
1987 Catch of the day
1986 Girls Club
1985 Sister Hoods
1984 Cruisers

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