League Info

Game Days and Times

All games are played on Sundays with the exception of long weekends and Pride Weekend.  Games are played either at 10:00am, 12:00pm or at 2:00pm.


The league provides equipment needed for game play: team shirt, balls, bats, batting helmets, bases, catcher's equipment, score sheets and first aid kits.  Players need to bring their own gloves and other equipment they may need to play.

Your registration fees pay for the equipment, so please treat the equipment accordingly!

Teams are responsible for setting up the diamonds and transporting equipment to and from nearby storage to the diamonds on game days.  The schedule indicates which teams are responsible for storing the equipment at the end of games days and are responsible for taking the equipment to the field at the beginning of game days.  Please remember that if your team is responsible for taking the equipment to the field at the beginning of a game day, you are also responsible for setting up the diamond for game play.

Rain-out Games

Games will be called as rain out games if there has been a steady prolonged period of rain or if there is a down-pour or lightning.  During game times, umpires have the sole discretion of calling a game as a rain out game.  Otherwise, the Collective will make the decision before the start of games.  In that event, the information will be posted on social media and players will be emailed. Your Team Rep will also communicate this information to you.


If you are absent without notice for two (2) consecutive games at any time throughout the season, you will automatically forfeit your place in the league, without refund.  The space will be offered to the next person on the wait list.

Playoff Eligibility Rule

A player will not be eligible to participate in playoffs if they absent for more than two (2) games without appropriate notice.  For our purposes, appropriate notice consists of informing your Team Representative of your upcoming absence no later than 11:00pm on the Thursday prior to your scheduled game.  As such, this will give your Team Representative at least forty-eight hours to recruit a substitute player, if needed.  


All games will be officiated by an umpire from the Ontario Umpires Association.  In order to keep games friendly, all players must observe the following:

1.  If a player does not agree with the umpire's call, they must state their disagreement to their Team Rep.

2.  The Team Rep. may then ask for a time-out to speak to the umpire for clarification of a call involving interpretation of the rules.  If the disputed call involves the umpire's judgement, there will be no discussion with the umpire and no protest will be permitted.

3.  If the Team Rep. is not satisfied with the umpire's interpretation of the rules, they may indicate to the umpire and the Team Rep. from the opposing team, that the game will be played under protest.  The Team Reps. for each team must agree upon this and record the exact situation at the time the protest arises.

4.  The Team Rep., who is objecting to the umpire's interpretation, needs to contact the Collective within 24hrs of the end of the game to advise of the protest.

5.     The protest will be resolved by the Collective.

 Remember that umpires are there to help us enjoy the sport of softball - please be kind to them!

Standing and Playoffs

Points are awarded as follows:

Win = (3) points

Tie = (2) points

Lose = (1) point

Default = (-1) point

Refund Policy

If, after your first scheduled regular season game, you decide that the league is not a good fit for you, you may request a refund.  Refunds must be directed to info@notsoamazon.com and must be made within 48hrs of the end of your game. Only then, will you be refunded a pro-rated portion of your registration fee.  No refunds will be issued after your first scheduled regular season game.

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